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Animation Process

SrGrafo replying questions 2

Scroll Down to See my Icons! (almost all of them here)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicpracticing animation by SrGrafoDont watch me if you have epilepsy by SrGrafo9gag by SrGrafo
Little DaFight Gif by SrGrafoImage and video hosting by TinyPic

:target: i am learning how to make pixel color icons ouo




If you want a FREE avatar made by me, here is the folder -->… `w`

This are my icons, if you want to use they, but a little credit would be awesuuum `w`

DaFight Evolution
Image and video hosting by TinyPic (icon at june 9 2011)
:iconda-fight: (icon at July 30 2011)

Other Group Icons made by me

Xinom's House in halloween 2011
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To get Any card just type the code



Capture the Flag

RP/PLZ Icons

DaFight Special RP Icons




-------RP DIARY--------

Halloween Icons/Avatars

Christmas Icons

Troll battles (this icons were made in 5 minuts each OTL)



Feb 26, 2015
2:03 pm
Feb 26, 2015
1:14 pm
Feb 26, 2015
11:51 am
Feb 26, 2015
7:03 am
Feb 26, 2015
2:53 am


Artist | Student | Digital Art

:iconduudewtfplz: My page its filled with random things

o 3 o by Emoji-kun:heart: Chat I am always on ->…

Hai by Emoji-kun I am SrGrafo in skype too >w>
and follow me on twitter ;w; @SrGrafo1

Whenever I get a new watcher I am like:

If Deviantart were a guy, this would be my most acurate reaction seeing it

:iconalcoholicguymeme1plz: I am a black and white artist ewe
"You have been making color stuff"
:iconalcoholicguymeme2plz: But...
:iconalcoholicguymeme3plz: Its only a few...

:iconimaboyplz: I like smooth animation, started as a black and white animator but now I do color >w<

Hallow by Emoji-kunDA FIGHT creator owo

Fuh by Emoji-kun All my work goes to this Group/Project --> :iconda-fight:

I am Managing another groups too
:iconda-hogwarts: [Founder] -underconstruction-
:iconsky-lands: [Founder] -underconstruction-
:iconmanga-studio: [Founder]
:iconoc-collector: [Founder]
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:iconocloverz: [Founder]
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:icontraditional-manga: [Co-Founder]
:iconfabula-star: [Founder] Under Construcction.
:iconda-nightmares: [Co-Founder] Under Construcction

youtube videos…

I like draw, write, and listen music : D

These artists motivates me to draw owo

Art that motivates me -->…

Flash Da. Master :iconhyun1990: ( :,D just watch !)

EasyToon Da. Master :iconoverlordjc::iconbahijd: (just an inspiration to all of us T^T )

Amazing Flash :icondavedonut:

Fav Pixel Artists :iconadkage::iconchippyfish::iconkiwinuptuo::iconorichie::icondichibaba::icondragondeplatino:

Awesome Concept Art :iconvertigheist::iconporforever:

Awesome Traditional Style :iconkandasama::iconemperpep:

Poses and resources :iconsenshistock:

(this are the only 4 icons that I didnt make)
I am watching this guy cause he is doing a comic similar to dafight >n>

Robu by Emoji-kun the only stamp I love so far xD skifcha - Dubstep Hipster Cat by HavickTheLion


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RPVoid Coming soon (updates will appear on here) by SrGrafoRP Void by SrGrafo

has been working yesterday on this, testing over and over checking how to get the best space I could get for the chats in the rp void, (description its in spanish mostly cause this was for the programmer)

so, whats new so far, well as DaFight users know, you are used to set your Avatar and Status followed by location

OC Ran v.2 by SrGrafo:icondf-orange: Location

first things I am solving, avatars in the rp void will be also 100x100 (cause I find it a really good size) next to your avatar you will have space for 2 icons, the one in the top will be the status wich its getting in the rpvoid too, tho you wont have to write it, just click and a window will expand with the status options.

below the status icon space, here is something that will be part of the void, "avatar atribute space" this will be mainly connected with the top part of the chat (that purple part)

as you know, most chats on deviantart use this top part (topic and title) to provide information about the chat or decorate it, in the rpvoid this part will be a holder of atributes, whats an atribute? well, the rp void will be separated in 2 big areas, in one hand you will have a complete world to edit your avatar(s) and ocs however you want, and in the other hand you will have another world just focused on editing your chatroom

few examples:

Imagine chat atributes as packs or plugins you add to your chat (like when you edit your profile in deviantart and it ask you what things to add to your page, "visitors" "polls" "etc"), the simplest one can be a "rule book", where only the founder/administrator of the chat can write rules in an atribute that will go up there, so new users in the chat just enter the chat and click on it to see rules, atributes can be polls, charts, quiz, those are simple examples

but the main part of the atributes will be the "icons pack", since making each chat different and unique its my priority, administrator will be able to purchase "icon packs", lets say I want to make a chess rp, (yeah I saw various of those) so I purchase a "chess icon pack" and it will allow that in the "avatar atribute space" (below status) players will have different icons to display all related to chess, or if I have a "medieval" chatroom, then I purchase the "medieval icon pack" and lets say I rank members of my chat into different things, then some members can use knight/archer/mage or anything related to medieval or fantasy. tho there will be really specific packs there will be general packs too, maybe a "status expansion" wich will have various icons to show exactly what your oc its doing or how he feels.

will we be able to have multiple atribute packs, well fuck yeah I saw futuristic cowboy dragon rps so why not, also as you see in the top of the chat, there will be 2 rows to use atributes, and once an atribute its purchased you can move it or store it to any of your chatrooms.

why do you say "purchase"? will that imply real money, well yes and no, I do hate pay to things in games, so everything will be able to obtain with "activity" points, lets say I rp constantly, then "ap" (activity points) are given naturally to me to spend, tho there will be the option to purchase with some bucks a bunch of activity points for the people that dont like to wait.

there will be only really few things that wont be able to obtain with Ap, things like amount of chats you can open, extra ocs, extra tabs, cause those are a confort part of the void more than a necessary part.

as you can see, we are gonna maintain the classic "who is connected" in the right side, with a miniature of their "profile avatar"

oh there

Profile avatar = avatar you make that represents you, will be shown in lists and user parts
Oc avatar      = characters you create an own

both will be made with the same editor for the avatar faces, why this? well the original planification included only "oc avatars" but it was just one moment later when I realized that if people change their ocs, then its gonna be imposible to remember someone or who is who, so they can maintain a profile avatar, wich will change as much as you change your deviantart icon, (really not often usually)

finally, little extras like those 3 buttons next to the founder of the chat avatar, wich will allow users to "join"/"rate"/"report"
lets see that part in more detail

each chat you create, its in other words, like creating a group, you will be able to add lore, story and rules (chat atributes) to your world (chat), but as any group you might or might now want certain people or people with only certain atributes, thats why as an administrator of your chat you will be able to

- Make it Full open, anyone can enter and see, even an unregistered user of rpvoid (tho he/she will be able only to see)
- Make it RpVoid open, only registered members of rpvoid can enter, though if available they can chat/rp
- Make it Members open, only members that you have accepted can join your chatroom (displayed at the right side of your chat)

so the "join" button works for that, will send a request from the user to the administrator/founder of joining the group.

the rating and the report part will have some requirements too,

for example, you will only able to rate a chatroom if you spent a certain time in it rping (this to avoid people insta rating and opening tons of chats just for that)

and the report will work as a notification, you can report even from outside a chatroom or inside, some reasons you will be able to pick up to make the report

- Inapropiate name
- Ofensive language
- Promotion of violence/bullying
- Mature content without warning

will add others if once I start working on that part but thats whats in the top of my head for now, reports will acumulate as points, so will be easier for me to see wich chats are getting several report amounts and check them personally.

as a first impresion I think you can see how is the idea of the chatrooms (working on home page now)

:iconyayhanatamagoplz: if you have suggestions or ideas you can bring them in the comments!

:icondf-updated: Chat Atribute ideas
- Rule Book
- Lore Book
- Polls
- Charts (about lore, shipping, etc)
- Songs and sound effects maybe? : D
- Chat backgrounds
- Chat color pallete
- Icon Packs
- Emoticons
- Chat decorations overall, like particles or lights
- and weather
- its own chat clock wich should be able to be set at a wanted speed
- an atribute that provide random rp scenarios?
- an atribute that provide random numbers (I smell goliat)
- mmm will add more as I think about it or people suggest!

:target: Added template of the lobby and the profile part.

The profile part its the top green part, wich will first show the user profile avatar, next to the name of the user,
below that in those skyblue boxes, its where the achievements of the user will be stored and next to that the user will have a free open box to write whatever he/she wants (will make sure emoticons and icons are enabled there) below the whole thing you see all the avatars from all the ocs the player owns, and their names (will make sure on top there will be a "last time used" sign so you see what are you using the most)

finally the 2 buttons, inventory and store, wich I am still working on.

all of this green thing of the profile should appear on screen whenever you click on someone's username, so you just check their info/activity/what ocs they have/etc

about the lobby

I am organizing the lobby in the way I see priorities when looking for a chatroom, first the lobby will be always easy to access by the top white circle in the middle, and will make you open chats just clicking on one of the list, its ordered by

Access (the green boxes) 

- Make it Full open, anyone can enter and see, even an unregistered user of rpvoid (tho he/she will be able only to see)
- Make it RpVoid open, only registered members of rpvoid can enter, though if available they can chat/rp
- Make it Members open, only members that you have accepted can join your chatroom (displayed at the right side of your chat)

Chat name
Amount of people connected
Region and Language (where there will be an icon flag and initials of the language, like (ENG / SPA / etc)
Mature content tag (the red boxes) wich will show if the chat has +18 content in it.
Rating (the yellow part) where you get to see how much rate the people give to that chat
Description, really short and usually to describe your chat in few words like ("ooc" "rp" "fantasy" "dragons" "hp fans!" "etc" )

and like most lobbies, well not the da one, you will be able to click on the categories and it will organize your lobby search based on what you want, either people connected or rating or region.

:icondf-updated: If you have ideas for this part, they will go here:
- Holidays or events for the lobby

:target: Added inventory template

and ufff this is the part that will be a pain in my bunnies.

after some testing and planning, its gonna be an editor with 26 layers, here is an explanation of wich item will go in each box

so pretty much every object you get will go to your inventory, and from there you just drag them and drop them in the boxes, and you will see the change in the white box, at the right you will have your "avatar/oc achievements", things like "+50hrs of rp reached!", below that you will have an open box to write as much as you want for your avatar (bio/attacks/anything)

the color pickers will mostly work for the hair part, the rest of the objects (decoration and items) will be painted already, pressing those buttons below the color picker (tab buttons) should show that category item in the inventory, so pretty much you check what items you have and only see one kind of them to find them faster.

one thing I have planned its that there will be items that wont be in store, they will be able to obtain tho event/achievement

like in xmas time if you rp an amount of time, you receive hats or decorations of xmas, 
or if you have rped a certain amount of hours or made a certain amount of ocs, or beein in different chats you earn certain items 

and finally, if someone clicks on your oc (avatar image) then a window will open showing the text description and achievements (that whole light green box)

now I have to work in the store, tho it will be similar to the inventory.

:icondf-updated: (Undate 2.5)
Want to be an administrator!? by SrGrafo Target Administrator of RpVoid designe
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DaFight Game


yo man your art is awesome!!
Mon Feb 9, 2015, 5:56 AM
Happy Birthday!
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 9:49 PM
shoe attack
Wed Jul 9, 2014, 4:29 AM
Awesome page dude!
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 10:38 AM
Ready to Fire!
Sat May 31, 2014, 7:39 AM
thanks for your watch!
Fri May 23, 2014, 1:44 PM
Omfg your page duuuuuude
Thu May 15, 2014, 11:50 AM
hello, when I realised that you're actually watching my not-that-good art, I just want to say thank you for the watch! :)
Thu May 15, 2014, 8:38 AM
Wed May 7, 2014, 8:49 AM
Thanks for watching our group! -Terraria-Spriters
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 3:49 PM


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